Friday, November 29, 2013

Chinese Food: Steamed Ginger Milk Custard

Steamed Ginger Milk Custard is a very testy Chinese Food. Its looking very good and attractive.
Ever tried this steamed milk custard? It’s so smooth that even tofu fatofu can’t beat it. It’s a perfect quick dessert after dinner. The pungent aroma of ginger makes the silky milk custard so beautiful. My family loves its simply and silky texture. Ginger is widely used in Chinese herbal medication as it helps our blood circulation and treats indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea, and nausea. Old ginger is often used in creating confinement dishes in Chinese tradition. When it comes to making this delicious dessert, I often use old ginger, it is suitable for all people in the family though.
You might have known a classic Chinese dessert, Ginger milk curd that are mainly made by ginger, milk and sugar. However, you’ll be easily disappointed as many things could go wrong along the cooking process as a result that the milk won’t set properly. Egg white is a good and natural coagulator. Armed with this recipe, you’ll be very confident to enjoy a bowl of nice and hot ginger milk custard after dinner, instead of compelling to drink ginger milk because you don’t want to waste anything.

Steamed Ginger Milk Custard

Prep time: =5 mins
Cook time:= 20 mins
Yield: =2 serves


=2 egg whites
=220 ml milk, room temperature
=2 Tbsp sugar
=2 Tbsp ginger juice

  1. =Place all the ingredients in a large bowl. Mix well. Try not to beat too hard and avoid from making too many bubbles. Sift through a fine sieve.
  2. =Transfer the milk mixture into two rice bowls. Cover with aluminium foil. Steam in a wok over medium-high heat for about 12 minutes. Turn off the heat. Don’t remove the wok lid. Let it stay in the wok for 12 minutes. Done. Serve immediately.

=Covering the bowls with aluminium foil when steaming prevents water from dripping onto the surface of egg whites. Thus it helps produce very smooth custard.
=You might adjust the amount of ginger juice and sugar to your liking.
=The eggs I used are 60 grams each.

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  1. Steamed milk is the end result of milk being exposed to high pressured steam from an espresso machine, also known as a latte machine. It is made by introducing steam gradually into milk until the natural fats within it expand to create 'micro-foam', a layer of very small milk bubbles.