Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bengali Food Recipe: Fried Rice

Bengali Food is on of the most popular food in the world. Peoples like it most. Fried Rice is on of the most important Bengali Food in Bangladesh.

=1 cup fine rice
= 1 bunch grated spring onions
=1 carrot finely grated
=2-3 cabbage leaves finely chopped
= 6-8 French beans finely chopped
=1 tablespoon Oil
= 1/2 teaspoon
= Soya sauce
=1 teaspoon. chilli sauce


Making Process To Fried Rice

=Wash and Boil the rice and drained out of the water.

= Leave in a plate to dry out.Heat up oil in a pan; fry the vegetables, till those become crispy. 

=Add spring onions, salt and sauces and fry again. 

=Blend the rice and vegetables delicately and fry for another few minutes. 

=Take away from flame, spray Soya sauce and chilli sauce and serve hot. 

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